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When buying CHAMBERMAID, please compare your item to the pictures above. There are still fake copies circulating around ebay.

  1. In the original printing, the word “Chambermaid” is down much lower on the paper. The fake copies have the word shifted up from the border (most likely because it was printed on a slightly different size of insert).
  2. The inner ring of the circle is darker on the original, and the CD “clasp” for the case is a far different design than the one used for the fake. The fake inner-ring is also lighter/clearer, the lettering can be seen better, and the ink is slightly darker.
  3. The original printing has a much lighter shade of black ink. The fake copies have a darker shade (in some pictures it looks slightly brown), indicating that they were printed on different paper with different ink.

I’ve seen a few more fakes pop up on ebay lately, so I figured I’d bring this back around.


so basically in my original series, the main guy is basically Kid Somb*tch and he can turn into a panda when his hat consumes his entire body headfirst and bam he turns into a panda. so it occured to me his relationship with the hat is basically Sombra’s relationship with Flutterpillow and this happened

anyway the moral of the story is that Flutterpillow makes a lousy hat

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